The first time I heard ‘July’ was at some point near the start of the year (or maybe the end of last year) when I went over to see Chel Boren (who is coincidently one of those people I’ve met in life who have just made my world so much better) and she had just written the chorus hook line. I spent from that moment onwards singing that same bit over and over again. Chel has a way with words, her songs are heartfelt and strong and her vocals pretty much just soar, pair all of that with the most absolute perfect band you’ve got something super special. I’m super proud of everyone in this band, I’m so happy to be working with them all to show the world how brilliant their music is and I’m mega proud of Chel for being one of the most talented kick ass women I know.

Third Twin Sister really are a Midwest punk band with an Americana soul. 

You can listen to ‘July’ over here: